Lunch – 11:30~15:00
Dinner – 1600~22:00
from 7,500yen (tax & service fee included)
Kazunomiya Hime
from 4,500yen (tax & service fee included)
Please ask us for inquiries regarding budgets.

Season Cuisine


The season when grasses and trees sprout. Enjoy the fragrance of the nature in the mountains.

Bamboo shoots, Japanese wild mountain plants (udo, taranome (Japanese angelica tree), warabi, kogomi, ugoki, koshiabura, nobiru, fukinoto)


Enjoy the delicacies from the river while cooling down among the greenery.

Ayu(fish), eel, winter melon, eggplant, cucumber, junsai (watershield herb), myoga, okura, ume plum, peach


The season when you feel happy from eating the delicious foods, You can enjoy the local delicacies in the natural environment of the mountains.

Matsutake mushroom, 10+ other wild mushrooms, chestnuts, persimmons, ginan, kiku (Chrysanthemum), Japanese rice (new in season)


Gathering around on a cold frosty night, eating a warm meal with seasonal root vegetables.

Turnios, radish, Japanese yam, mukago potato, yurine, nappa cabbage, spinach